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Project Management

Business Understanding

  • Determining the nature of the business and the volume of work and processes to be outsourced
  • Analysing the current documentation system, process flow, and internal control system.
  • Reviewing the policy and procedures in place.
  • Aligning with the contact person in the business with our project manager to make sure smoother operations.
  • Identifying the improvements or changes required in the current system for the transition of work from the client environment to our environment.
  • The site visit by our team if required or communicate via phone, teleconference and chat for understanding client’s business and requirements.
  • Eventually to put processes in place to make sure we provide our clients with most efficient work with the highest quality.

Project Implementation

Clear Identification of gaps within the proposed process and efficiently implementing agreed scope of work.

We analyze the number of different software and add-ons suitable for client’ reporting requirement.

We consider sending comparative analysis of the different software to the clients to provide broader choices.

We would work very closely with the client’s contact person to make sure we implement the project to satisfy the vision of the client.

GAP Analysis and SOW (Scope of Work)

Overall, the understanding of business is used for analyzing the gap between the current system and proposed system required from risk management and mitigate any process risks that could come up during the project.
  • Comparison of the current system with the proposed system and identifying the gap
  • Analysis of gap and coming up with solution on how to bridge those gaps for seamless operations and finalization of Scope of Work based on the requirements of control points
  • Clear identification and communication of roles and responsibility of AG and the client during the transition process
  • Identifying the process gaps, suggesting and developing new processes wherever necessary by mutual understanding to deliver the project in the most efficient way.
  • Setting up timelines to for realistic expectations and delivering the work with the utmost accuracy.

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Review and Ongoing Monitoring

  • We do strict monitoring of each and every task that is defined in the scope of work and monitor the same on an ongoing basis.
  • We implement control checkpoints in different processes at different levels for to make sure there is accountability and quality work is being served to our clients.
  • It is our constant endeavour to keep improving our processes to services our clients better, hence we encourage to schedule weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly client review meetings where can identify the gaps and come up with solutions to bridge those gaps and work and celebrate the wins we had during that duration.

Accounts Payable

Outsourcing of the accounts payable function within your accounts department involves sending tasks such as checking, coding and processing invoices for payment, to a staff member or team of staff outside of your organisation. It can cover all tasks related to the management and paying of creditors.
No matter how big your organisation is, sending simple, transactional tasks involved with accounts payable, can allow your local team to focus on more complex tasks, and jobs that will be of more value and impact to your business growth and development.
It’s also a cost effective alternative to employing locally, giving your accounts team the support they need at a reduced cost.

AFGS accounts payable officers can complete a number of tasks including but not limited to:

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